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"How dare politicians continue to pass insane laws forcing good, law-abiding people to be defenseless and helpless."

"The sheeping of America is nearly complete."

~~ Ted Nugent

(A Two Day or Four Day Course)
Formerly Steps 3 and 4

This fourteen-hour course over two or four days is a continuation of the previous Self-Defense Shooting and IDPA series.  It reviews the basics and mechanics introduced during the previous classes and then develops them further with special emphasis on self-defense applications.  Shooting on the move is developed and practiced since this is an essential skill in real-world defense. 

The need for competition as a teaching tool in readiness-preparation for an attack is explained and emphasized.  Numerous real life scenarios will be shot and critiqued so that each student will be made more aware of his individual strengths and weaknesses and may leave class with essential information to better prepare for an armed attack.  This is not a “stand still and shoot at the target” course.  ”Very intense” is a common term used by students to describe this class.

Reactionary targets are employed to add stress and give the student a better understanding of the "real time" pressure of a close distance gunfight.    

Basic advice is given as to how to instruct your family members when they are unarmed and are threatened by an attacker.

This course also covers what to do if an attacker is found in the home and “gives up” prior to a shot being fired.  How to control him before the police arrive without putting yourself in more danger is covered and practiced.

Very basic CQB (Close Quarters Combat) tactics, including full-contact counter measures introduced.

Items covered include:

Man on Man Speed Drills Help Add Stress
and Teach Real-Time Reaction Skills


Step 4 Students React to Appearing and Disappearing Targets
Stress Helps Develop Their Draw and Reload Skills


Prerequisite:  You must have completed the Self-Defense Shooting and IDPA classes.

Required EquipmentPlease bring the following with you: 


The class will conclude with a realistic home defense/street-fight scenario and will incorporate the skills taught in class.  Your performance will be critiqued and you will have a second chance to run the same scenario.

Tuition:  $299.00

Duration:  Fourteen Hours Over Two or Four Days

Ammunition:  500 rounds



Revised: 5/05/16