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"I was very impressed with your candor regarding the importance of what we are learning.


Unfortunately we live in a country where political correctness usually is more important than honesty."


~~ Norm (A Motivated Student)


You Decide...


“I cannot imagine carrying [a concealed firearm] without this training!! I am so glad that I can make mistakes on the range so that I am better prepared for any real-life conflicts.”

                                                                                     – Ed, Durham Attorney



“David and Rebecca, your class is a breath of fresh air.  Finally!  An instructor that's willing to teach it like it should be!  Strip away all the foo foo and politics, getting down to the bare essence of the objective.  

Being a NAUI scuba instructor, as well as a private pilot working on my instrument rating, I can appreciate the serious nature of what you're trying to teach.  Your . . . telling it like it is, in my opinion is absolutely necessary and effective.  Don't ever water it down! 

I like the way you raise the bar each step of the way.  Your communication skills are awesome!  Starting out with the story of the Iceman, read with such feeling and clarity really set the stage for the concept of a “free man.” I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Your demonstration skills, as well as Rebecca's demonstration skills added to the overall effectiveness of your teaching. Well done.” 

-- J.P., Vice President, Commercial Steel Company



“I will tell you that I learned more in the 2 classes with you than I have since I have been shooting.  I really appreciate the straight forward approach and no nonsense attitude, and I have seen a difference in my attitude as well.  Thanks again.”                                              – P.B.


“Phenomenal!! I would be willing to pay twice the price. This course showed me how much I did NOT know.”  - Ed, Durham Attorney


“Thank you for the photos [on our private class web page].  Seeing the photos will help me focus on the right grip during my practice.

I also want to tell you guys how impressed I am with your instruction.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to teach are second to none.  You guys have already had a tremendous impact on our level of awareness and preparation.  I look forward to our next class and getting [my wife] started as well.”                                    -- Chad


"I was very impressed with your candor regarding the importance of what we are learning.  Unfortunately we live in a country where political correctness usually is more important than honesty. 

Your skill regarding competition and tactical shooting as well as teaching techniques was very evident.  I am looking forward to many more days of training with you." ccccccccccccccccccccc-- Norm




“I have been training with David for about 2 years now. He has improved my shooting skills 1000%. Being a teacher myself I can tell when someone packs the gear to teach and knows their stuff. David is the real deal. He has broken down the subject matter like no one I have seen before. He makes it easy for you to understand and practice to get better.

If you are looking for competition, self defense, gun knowledge, or just plain plinking, David can take you as far as you want to go.  Above all he is a true gentleman. I highly recommend learning from this man.”     
cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc    -- MC, Karate School Owner/Operator


“I appreciate the focus on doing the “right” thing in order to defend your life. And also the explanation of what’s needed to break bad habits.” 
cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc - Paul, IT Professional


“This course gave so much more than I expected!”  - Ed


“Each course, especially the night course, reveals your weaknesses. It is better to know about these now before your life is at risk.

The class is very affordable.”nnnnnnn – Durham, NC Lawyer


“Another excellent class. The instruction was of the highest quality. The facilities worked well. The realism David brought to the class was refreshing.”
ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc– Norman [after his fourth class]


“Hands-on (and adrenaline on) range practice to classroom instruction is highly effective, and it is the reason I took this class. I also wanted to be able to do IDPA for the training benefit. I enjoyed it, and can see the improvement from the first night.” ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc– Todd


“I loved it! Once I settled down, started to retain the position and grips, got used to the adrenaline, it went well.” ccccccccccc– Anonymous


“Excellent class. Perfect class for the beginner shooter that wants to learn the basics of Defensive Pistol and IDPA. Looking forward to further sessions.” ccccccc– N. W., Healthcare Professional


“I very much enjoyed the emphasis on how the adrenaline dump affects your ability to shoot a firearm.” cccccccccccccccccccc – P.


“Great instruction and mindset.”
ccccccccc – Neil, Manager for a Large General Contractor


“Great!!!!” – John, Vice-President Commercial Building Company


“This was great! I have learned more in two classes than I have in my whole shooting life. Excellent.” – Parks


“I really appreciate the people reading skills (reading people) that you apply in class. I expect to learn an enormous amount from you both.”  – Ken


“[The instructors] were very informative with honest, real world scenarios. I am very satisfied with the training today. [They] are excellent instructors. I recommend them to anyone needing to understand firearms and how to survive the streets.” – Shawn


“Excellent instructors of real world experience. David doesn’t sugarcoat the reality of how criminals can be on the street. He prepares our mind first in order to be responsible and to be able to defend ourselves at home and on the street.” 
cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc - S. E., College Student


“The instructor was very helpful and friendly. The range is very nice. I would like additional training from here.”  - Josh


“David, your class is awesome.”  – Agatha


“Absolutely wonderful class! Actually much better than I expected. Can’t wait until the next course.” ccccccccccccc– Anonymous


“I like the instructor. He is very good at teaching, shooting, and connecting it to every day life.”  cccccc- J. S., Teenage Student



“Being an extreme novice it’s hard not to learn something, however, the instructor never allowed me to feel out of place and I was able to learn at the same pace as everyone else. Thanks, it was great!”  - Dick



“I am very satisfied. The personal level of instruction was very useful – even when someone else was being tutored. Thanks!”  - D. F.



“F____ing Awesome!!!”  - A. S., Mother and Engineer, Raleigh, NC