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"Many people mistakenly see weapons as the source of crime rather than a reaction to it. This is rather like blaming your flat tire on the spare you carry in the trunk."

~~ Mickey Michels


Learn How to Shoot for Self Defense or Competition
(Four Sessions)

This sixteen-hour course consists of four classes that introduce you to the basic concepts and applications involved in handgun defense.  The classes will also serve as a basis for those who desire to participate in the scenario-based matches held by the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).  It is designed to meet the needs of those shooters who have completed a basic safety course or a concealed carry course and now desire to acquire the skills necessary to defend themselves in real life-threatening encounters.  It will focus on personal safety, marksmanship, firearm manipulation and tactics.  It will be oriented toward home defense and street use application.  This is not a “stand still and shoot at the target” course.  It will emphasize “shooting-on-the-move” and the use of cover as you engage simulated assailants who are intent on taking your life.  It will employ numerous real life scenarios as you develop true self-defense skills.  It will teach you to react under adrenaline-charged moments and give you drills that can be practiced at home to develop habits that are necessary for real-life situations.  At course completion you will feel more confident in your shooting as well as in your ability to survive an encounter with the bad guys.

NOTE: These classes are offered in four sessions over two weeks to allow the student proper time to practice and dry-fire what is learned in each session before proceeding to the next.

This class will consist of “hands-on” classroom and range time emphasizing the following:

  • Safety & Range Commands
  • Six Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship
  • Introduction to Drawing from Concealment
  • Emergency & Tactical Reloading (when to reload and why?)
  • Human Target Areas (Where to shoot the bad guys)
  • Firing Techniques (Controlled Pairs/Double Taps/Failure Drills)
  • Scanning (How not to miss the other bad guys)
  • Cover vs. Concealment  (There’s a big difference)
  • Recommended Methods for Shooting at Different Distances
  • Review of Pistol Cycles of Operation and Possible Malfunctions
  • Immediate Actions (How to fix malfunctions during a gun fight)
  • Multiple Target Engagement (Defending against more than one bad guy)
  • Shooting from the Kneeling Position
  • Techniques for Shooting from Behind Cover
  • Angle of Incidence (How to use the proper shooting angle – while behind cover)
  • Side Stepping
  • Dynamic Movement  (Shooting on the move – harder for them – safer for you)
  • How to Score an IDPA Target
  • Basic IDPA Rules
  • IDPA Match Procedures


Students Learn the Proper Draw and Magazine Change
(Click for Video)


 Students Leard Double-Taps and Controlled-Pairs
(Click for Video) 

It is recommended, though not required, that you have completed a concealed carry class prior to attending this course.

PrerequisiteOne or more of the following:  Our Safe Shooting Class, Concealed Carry Handgun Course, NRA Firearm Safety Course, or verification from one of our Range Officers as to your safety and competence.

Required EquipmentPlease bring the following with you: 

  • A handgun with a minimum of 3 magazines (or speed-loaders for revolvers).

  • A practical, concealable hip holster (no small-of-back, fanny pack, or shoulder rigs).
    The holster must permit re-holstering with the use of ONLY one hand!

  • Holsters with NO safety straps, NO buttons and NO retention systems are highly recommended!
    -- A straight-drop holster (NO cant) is best.
    -- Most students find that kydex holsters work best.
    -- If you bring a leather holster that is NOT FULLY BROKEN IN -- YOU WILL BE FRUSTRATED!
    -- If your holster does not permit a smooth draw with little effort -- YOU WILL BE FRUSTRATED!
    -- DO NOT bring a cheap holster -- YOU WILL BE FRUSTRATED!
    -- No soft nylon holsters are permitted.
    -- Appendix-carry is permitted.

  • Belt-mounted magazine carriers for two magazines or 2 speed-loaders.

  • At least five snap-caps or dummy rounds. (We can provide these for an additional $19.)

  • Vest, jacket or other open-front garment that will conceal your handgun.

  • VERY sturdy shooting belt
    ( If there is ANY movement in the belt when you draw, IT WILL NOT WORK in this class!)

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Note taking material

  • Rugged, but comfortable attire and footwear

  • 400 rounds of ammunition

Important:  Please arrange to have your gear ready PRIOR to class day.  Class days can be VERY busy and there will not be time for purchases. 

Choosing a holster or other rig can be very time consuming and special attention is often required.  (A break-in period is sometimes necessary.) 

If you need assistance choosing a holster, magazine carriers or other piece of equipment, please
e-mail the class instructor.

Days two and four will conclude with a realistic home defense/street-fight scenario and will incorporate all skills taught that day.  Your performance will be critiqued and you will have a second chance to run the same scenario.

Tuition:  $399.00

Duration:  Sixteen Hours Over Four Days

Ammunition:  400 rounds



Revised: 5/14/24