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"One man with courage
is a majority."

~~ Thomas Jefferson



Current Classes
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Safe Shooting
Learn How to Shoot Safely and Make it Fun

Self-Defense Shooting and IDPA
Learn How to Shoot for Self-Defense or Competition


Applied Self-Defense Shooting
Apply and Sharpen the Skills You've Learned
Learn the Proper Reaction . . . FAST!
Feel Real Man-on-Man Situations


Low-Light and No-Light Shooting
Learn How to Protect Yourself in the Dark
(With and Without a Flashlight)
Dark is Different!

Additional Classes:

IDPA Practice Night

Self-Defense Practice Night

IDPA Skills

Friday Night Shoot

1911 Disassembly and Cleaning Class

One-on-One and Small Group Instruction Available

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Go to the Calendar page, find the class in which you are interested
and click "Enroll Now."


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In Our Self-Defense Shooting and IDPA Classes Students Learn:
The Proper Draw, The Proper Grip to Perform Double Taps
The Proper Technique for Fast Reloads, and More . . .